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VOL 2  ISSUE 2  [2022]


Editor's Note

Dear D-Zine readers,

Something is adaptive if it can change to suit changing conditions. The adaptive capacity of that something (a system, institution, human or other organisms) is its capacity to adjust to potential damage, take advantage of opportunities, or respond to consequences.


This was what we attempted to do for this issue: to bring forth, through pictures and words, how adaptive capacity can be enhanced in designing our built environment, practising in the architecture profession and running any organisation or business.


One of the biggest challenges in architecture is rapidly changing needs and requirements. In this issue, Norzaini Mufti pens down his thoughts on the need for mass housing design to be adaptable to the changing lifestyle needs of people of different ages and family situations and flexible to meet rapidly changing demands. He also proposes a couple of methods of how this can be done. 

For implementing the adaptability concept in the construction method, Wan Srihani provides insights into the Segal Method of construction that meets the users’ desires for optimum performance with minimum cost and quick transformation. As the advocate for self-build housing projects, she finds out that the technical simplicity of the method could make it more accessible to low-income households.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Zalina Shari,

Chief Editor


Table of Content

by Prof. Madya Dr. Shureen Faris Binti Abd Shukor

by Ar. Dr. Eleena Jamil


Technology & Innovation Metaverse:

by Ar. IDr. Ts. Ridha Razak


Student’s work:

by Lee Chia Hui


Student’s Articles:

by Si Toh Yee Mee

by Aminath Mazooyana & Maliha Wasifa Khan

by Dr. Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Fakri Zaky Ja'afar

Managing Editor

Ar. Aznida Azlan

Chief Editor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zalina Shari

Editorial Board

Assoc. Prof. Ar. Meor Mohammad Fared Meor Razali

Dr. Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed

Graphic & Web Designer


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Ts. Firdauz Ahmad

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