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Department Of Architecture UPM Takes a Dive into Understanding Orang Asli Needs in Promoting Lata Kinjang

by Dr. Wan Srihani Wan Mohamad | Universiti Putra Malaysia  


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CHENDERIANG, PERAK - Under the subject of Humanitarian Architecture that is being introduced for the first time to Bachelor of Science in Architecture with honours 3rd Year students, we have managed to address the immediate needs of Kg. Orang Asli Lata Kinjang (KOALK), Chenderiang, Perak. Through the series of assignments that were designed at the beginning of the semester, students have managed to compile a structured contents of intangible knowledge on Orang Asli lives to be used as a promotional material for an edu-tourism website. The program was conducted for the whole semester of 14 weeks, from the inception of creative writings to selective photography shots which eventually leads to designing what matters most in Kg. Orang Asli Lata Kinjang towards facilitating an eco-tourism.


On the 16 July 2022, our 3rd year students under the coordination of Dr Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed and Assoc. Prof. Ar. Meor Mohammad Fared Meor Razali, have managed to present the eco-tourism website to the community. During that time, there was also an exhibition of students’ works titled Tiny Architecture of KOALK. In this works, students are displaying their perceptiveness in designing structures that can be of use to visitors enjoying the beauty of Lata Kinjang. The people of KOALK had the chance to vote in which designs are of their interest or very much related to their needs.


The outcome of this program was recorded through three platforms - a comprehensive eco-tourism website, an e-book which we have also printed in hardcopy as a gift to the head of KOALK and a video that documented the collaboration of community with UPM students in Lata Kinjang.

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