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It's All About The Youth

by Assoc. Prof. Ar. Meor Mohammad Fared   

|   Universiti Putra Malaysia

The Assigned Task

While the world is recovering from the deadly grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, the third-year studio at UPM focused on the positive theme of ‘Healthy and Vibrant.’ Consistent with the third goal of the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan (KLSP) 2040, “Kuala Lumpur a Healthy and Vibrant City,” the studio explored the opportunities to develop creative and innovative recreational facilities within urban parks.


Students were tasked to envisage multi-functional spaces for social interactions and inclusion and promote human health and well-being. They were required to propose a Youth Centre meant for youth recreational activities and temporary accommodations. Emphasis was given to interpreting design theories and issues related to the environment, socio-culture and technology to create a vibrant facility.


The Youth Centre was intended to offer young people the opportunity to participate in recreational and/or cultural activities and help them to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities. Simultaneously, due to its proximity to an urban park, the centre should also cater for the public of various age groups frequenting the park for leisure activities.


The facility aimed to advocate a sense of belonging, promote freedom of expression, and offer a warm, homelike atmosphere that encourages creativity. Two urban parks in Kuala Lumpur were chosen for students to explore, namely Titiwangsa Lake Garden (TLG) and Kepong Metropolitan Park (KMP). A vibrant and dynamic building form and image while still respecting the urban park context were desired.

by Amirah Ghazali

Amirah chose to create a vibrant and sustainable Startup and Social Enterprise ecosystem built on impact-driven innovation, creativity and inclusivity at the KMP. Sited near the Flying Kite Park at the fringe of KMP, she took inspiration from a flying kite to conjure a dynamic and progressive form with a soaring cantilevered roof.

Appraisals - Amirah 1.jpg
Appraisals - Amirah 2.jpg

by Raihana Saipul Anwar Nasution

Within the same KMP site, Raihana proposed a Kepong Music Arts Centre that resonated around the idea of soundscape, combining a trilogy of biophony (living organism sounds), anthrophony (human sounds), and geophony (sounds emanating from remaining elements of nature). The building’s curvilinear forms sat gracefully and centred around existing trees, capturing the best view of KMP.

Appraisals - Raihana 1.jpg
Appraisals - Raihana 2.jpg

by Nurfarah Hanim Muhamad Fadzil

Nurfarah Hanim was inspired by the multiple-tiered roofs of the nearby iconic National Theatre. She focused on providing an avenue for Youth to explore virtual technologies at the site fronting the Titiwangsa Lake Garden (TLG). The shell structure she created embodied the flexibility and continuity of youthful spirits.

Appraisals - Farah 1.jpg
Appraisals - Farah 2.jpg

by Sofea Najihah Shuhaimi

Within the serenity of TLG, Sofea Najihah envisioned the Titiwangsa Conservatism Youth Centre that preserves the existing trees at the site, maintains the existence of food vendors near the site and maximises the view toward TLG. Her Youth Centre also intended to conserve the local cultural heritage by providing a batik painting workshop, gallery and retail area.

Appraisals - Sofea 1.jpg
Appraisals - Sofea 2.jpg
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