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by Dr. Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed

[Department of Architecture, Faculty of Design & Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia]

Republished with permission from Department of Architecture

Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)'s Facebook

Teratak Semai Phase 7.0 was organized back in August 2020 constructing 3 more units under the sponsorship of PNB (Perbadanan Nasional Berhad). Led by Dr. Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed, the event was held for 4 days together with the support of Kontraktor Malaysia, student-volunteers from various universities as well as individuals – totaling about 90 pax of volunteers. The concept of sweat equity through self build housing in this program is not only to provide a basic structure of sturdy footings, columns, flooring and roofing, it is also to be completed later by the recipients with the material of their choice. For the unit that is located in Kampung Batu 16, Jalan Pahang, Tapah, Perak where access to bamboo plants is abundant, the wall panels are made from treated process bamboos.

A recent visit on 3rd April 2021, has shown the nearly completed unit that we have provided for this particular family, has decided to use bamboo panels for their walls. The porosity of these bamboo panels gives good air circulation resulting a pleasant internal space. On top of that, the singular open space of 20’x16’ Teratak Semai unit has given the family to decide for themselves and plan their own interior as well as locations of any openings. Such incremental flexibility can be seen clearly after the recipients have stayed in the unit.

For citation purposes: Wan Mohamed, Wan Srihani. (2021). Teratak Semai 7.0 Revisited. D-Zine Trend,

Volume 1 (Issue 1).

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