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Appraisal of Student's Work:


by Ar. Wan Sofiah Wan Ishak Dr. Wan Srihani Wan Mohamed

[Department of Architecture, Faculty of Design & Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia]



[Chua Chang Yeong | Master of Architecture 2021, Universiti Putra Malaysia]


An Alternative Paradigm Towards Rural R/Evolution

This eye-opener thesis addresses a pertinent topic on the current dichotomous state of urban and rural from physical, perception and social perspectives. Changing the perceptions on the need to elevate rural to urban settings through infrastructure for a ‘cloud economy’ is valid and convincing.  The idea is further explored through plug-in building components that can be reassembled according to the changing user needs.

A01: Rurban Gateway
RonnChua 1 copy.jpg




New Momentum For Productive Aging

The thesis explores the role of architecture as an agent to change brain tendency from fast thinking to slow thinking to minimise the risks of mental disorders such as depression and chronic anxiety. It is a significant architectural exploration of interior spaces with strategic play of solids and voids, manifesting accentuated shadows that constantly change throughout the day.

[Ho Xin Yun | Master of Architecture 2021, Universiti Putra Malaysia]

A02: Slow Design
XinYun 1 copy.png




[Ahmad Asyrani Daud | Master of Architecture 2021, Universiti Putra Malaysia]


Towards a Spatial Justice of Public Realm for Spatially Fragmented Neighbourhoods

It is a well-narrated thesis from intent statements to resolutions with continuous inquiries at every stage of the process. The narrative also reflects rigour in thinking and discussing the phenomena of fragmented communities in housing neighbourhoods resulting from gated and other infrastructural barriers.  The proposed scheme explores reclamation and reconfiguration of a wide boulevard creating a luxurious public realm as a spatial justice for the neighbourhoods

A03: Reclamation & Reconfiguration

For citation purposes: Wan Ishak, Wan Sofiah; Wan Mohamed, Wan Srihani. (2021). Design Thesis 2021: Selected Works Appraisal. D-Zine Trend, Volume 1 (Issue 1).

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